Garage Doors NJ – Why Choose Composite Garage Doors?

There are many types of garage doors NJ homeowners can choose from.  There are different types of door construction, various materials the doors are made of, plenty of attractive finishes and literally hundreds of designs to choose from.  With all the available garage doors NJ dealers keep in stock, many people find it hard to make a choice.   However, customers can always ask for the assistance of knowledgeable staff at garage door repair bernardsville nj.

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When it comes to materials you have metals like steel and aluminum, with steel being the most common material for garage doors; because of this there are doors made of steel are available in hundreds of designs.  There are synthetic materials to choose from such as polyurethane and fiberglass which require almost no maintenance.  Wood of course is, by far, the most beautiful and most expensive material for making doors.  But wood is prone to cracking, splitting and rotting as well as requiring a lot more maintenance than metal or synthetic doors.  Some manufacturers, possibly including members of the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), advice that consumers looking for the beauty of wood and the strength of steel now have a viable alternative in wood composite garage doors.

What are the advantages of wood composite material?  Plenty; here are a few of them:

  1. Wood composite materials are eco-friendly.  People who love the environment would be pleased to know that wood composite is a mix of wood waste and resins.  Composite wood doors are really made of recycled wood, which allow us to save natural resources.
  2. They are easy to maintain.  Since the wood chips, sawdust or other wood waste is mixed with resin, they end up having very durable surfaces.  It takes minimal effort, and perhaps little bit of caution, to keep wood composite garage doors looking like the day they came off the factory floor.
  3. They are very durable.  Unlike real wood, composite wood material does not rot, split or crack.  As a result of the wood wastes being mixed with resin, wood composites are nearly as strong as steel.
  4. Wood composite materials are very versatile, thus they can be made into many different garage door designs, such as contemporary flush panels, recessed panels, and traditional panels.  Garage door manufacturers can add attractive window designs to match and add allure to your home’s features.  They lend themselves to extensive customization including the addition of decorative handles, hinges or other hardware.
  5. It is available in many attractive finishes.  Some are delivered from the factory painted in a number of different colors; some are delivered in ready to paint condition so you can more effectively match its color with those of your home.  Then there are wood composite garage door models which have a wood grain imprints; they have the beauty of real wood while being more durable and easier to maintain.
  6. Wood composites have good insulation properties.  However, if that is not enough, wood composite garage doors can be fitted with insulation, usually foamed in place polyurethane.

With properties that combine beauty and function, it is not hard to understand why garage  doors made of wood composite materials are becoming popular.

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